Uniting Top Talent with Career Opportunities Through Co-Working Spaces

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Recently Adriana Lopez wrote for Forbes an insightful article on co-working spaces as 21st century work enclaves. Co-working spaces have emerged from a trendy startup hotspot to an established dominant force for young professionals eager to build community and a network during a slow-to-steady economic recovery. According to the article, because of emerging co-working spaces, “traditional office settings will become as obsolete as fax machines and dial up Internet.” The 21st century workplace is already here.


For those unfamiliar with the set up, coworking spaces are a shared work environment (usually an office setting) that hosts various community events. Unlike a standard office environment, the people in a co-working space are usually employed by a variety of companies.  Individuals work together to collaborate on projects. This setup is ideal for telecommuting professionals or independent contractors.

With that in mind, Galaxy Unite is collaborating with co-working spaces to unite top talented professionals with work. Connecting talented professionals with employers, community events and coworking spaces, Galaxy Unite brings together our community in an innovative way. Galaxy Unite proudly co-sponsored Denver Co-Working Week earlier this May. Six prominent spaces are making a solid contribution to the Denver co-working culture.



Green Spaces: An eco-friendly space located in the Upper Lo-Do/Five Points area, Green Spaces is a  “cross-disciplinary collaboration” between contract workers, the community, networking events, and private parties.


Creative Density: Positioned in the Uptown neighborhood, the home-grown fun featured inside of Creative Density promises an inspiring environment to connect and collaborate with others to accomplish goals. (1719 Emerson St‎)

Shift: In between the Wash Park and Cherry Creek neighborhoods, Shift is a professional space which balances work and play offering everything from private conference rooms to an on-site gym and wellness area. (383 Corona St)

The Desk: Located in the heart of the Cap Hill neighborhood, The Desk has the feel of a familiar cafe with a modern coworking twist. From utilizing a rented desk, renting a conference room or sitting in the coffee shop, there is a workspace for any individual. (230 E. 13th Ave)

Converge: Dubbed the coworking space for right brainer artistic freelancers, the atmosphere of Converge is hip, modern, and fun, with high end equipment such as an onsite wide-format printer. (3327 Brighton Blvd.)

Thrive: Established in downtown Denver and Cherry Creek, Thrive is focused on its winning and appealing combination of convenient location, multiple services, and flexibility in membership packages. (1830 Blake St)

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