Meditation Movement and Energy Work

Hammock Yoga

Therapeutic hammock yoga decompresses the spine, open ups the chest and aligns the mind. It is a yin aerial yoga style that addresses physical, mental and energetic health concerns. The yoga hammocks have a soft stretchy material with leg loops.

hammock yoga class in Crested Butte

The benefits of hammock yoga?

  • Immune support 

  • Makes you strong

  • Reduces back pain

  • Opens up your chest

  • Improves focus

  • Helps posture

Schedule a Service

These bi-monthly classes are designed for those in need.  Normally the classes are $50 but instead they are based on donations so any amount that feels to be a fair energy exchange is appreciated. Trades are also a great offering as well and accepted (I’m currently in need of essential oils and paints)!



$50 • Hammock Yoga + Reiki

$195 • Brainstorming in the AirEnergy Work + Design Therapy*

*Includes 1 design concept (such as for a logo, mobile app layout, etc)
Private Sessions and Donation classes are held at Hawaii Island Retreat.

Class Descriptions

An audio video hammock yoga experience

Private Session

Hammock aerial yoga (also known as AYRx) is slow and easy. It is designed for people of all ages. The hammock helps ease into stretching and decompresses the spine. Do a private session to get specialized care to address injury, blocks and special needs.

Ease stress
Align the spine
Increase flexibility
Improve thinking

Brainstorming in the Air Session

Combine hammock aerial yoga play with brainstorming and design creation. Our yoga + creative brainstorming sessions are designed to move your body and brain in ways that help you come up with new ideas to better innovate.

1 Discovery Session
1 Aerial Yoga Play Exercise
1 Creative Concept Layout or Design