Crested Butte Healing Innovation Room

This Crested Butte coworking healing innovation room has inspirational light and energy overlooking Elk Ave. It is available for membership and sessions.

Book for as little as $11/hour


Use the healing innovation room privately or with your clients for half day use for as little as $11/hour.  It has two desks, yoga hammocks, chairs, a projector and massage table as needed. This room includes internet, coffee, tea, a refrigerator and microwave. A projector and a massage table can be available if needed.  Passes could also be used towards any of the healing arts or design private sessions!

Half Day PRIVATE Use:
3 pass – $199 @ 30% off
6 pass – $342 @ 40% off
12 pass – $570 @ 50% off

Also use the passes towards any of the following PRIVATE sessions:
Playful Hammock Yoga Bodywork
Floating Forgiveness Therapy
Design + Innovation Session
Outdoor Hammock Yoga

Book as is needed here: Please inquire for further details. Note this is an office space only and does not include accommodation or housing.