Audio + Video + Hammock Yoga

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the seven energy centers located throughout the body that regulates different organs and glands of our body. Each charka correlates with a color, frequency, and tone that radiates energies. We will do chakra color balancing through breathing and hammock yoga stretching all the while enjoying an audio and video experience. It is designed for all ages. You will decompress your spine, align your mind and balance your energy.

Gentle / Healing
Cello Yoga Chakra Flow
The Colors of the Chakras
~60 minutes

Enjoy an audio & video experience while floating in the air.

$50 - 2 Private hammock yoga sessions + 1 crystal chakra sun catcher

Our Couple’s special includes 2 private sessions at half the cost and a chakra sun catcher for $50.  These 1 hr private sessions can be scheduled together as a couple or separately if you are treating yourself to this gift.  Schedule it here and then register and purchase our Couple’s special here.  Only valid until March 1, 2020.