12 signs 2012 is the beginning of the world

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Photograph by Alex Cherney, TWAN, National Geographic   1. Some of the most beautiful things come in twos and dozens. Photograph by Markus Pfaff    2. A new local economy with global compassion is emerging. Photography by Greg Roden and Stett Holbrook.  ”WISH charter school students and community association president Erika Higgins Ross get busy in the […]

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Allen Stone in Boulder

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    I decided to dedicate my Halloween not to the typical young adult shenanigans, but to, in the middle of a harrowing week of work, seek some food for the soul.  The moment I finished polishing the last plate at work, I bounded on my bike and coasted through the Boulder streets swarming with […]

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Creative Vibes: A non-traditional July 4th

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In case your not into the traditional scene of attending BBQ’s, watching fireworks, and draping your self in flag inspired apparel… Here are 5 alternative things you can do this July 4, 2012 1.See an independent film, instead of watching an action packed block buster movie. 2. Try making your own wine or beer. 3. […]

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