12 signs 2012 is the beginning of the world

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Photograph by Alex Cherney, TWAN


1. Some of the most beautiful things come in twos and dozens.



2. A new local economy with global compassion is emerging.

Photography by Greg Roden and Stett Holbrook.  WISH charter school students and community association president Erika Higgins Ross get busy in the garden.


3. We are no longer just part of the earth, but part of the universe.  We are becoming space explorers.



4. We are choosing peace and ending wars.

Photograph by Michael Yamashita

Photograph by Dima Vazinovich, Your Shot


6. Technology is giving us the ability to improve our energy relationship with the earth.

Photograph by Michael Melford, Plugging Into the Sun, National Geographic


7. If our world is becoming a virtual one, we have the opportunity to make it incredibly imaginative.

Photograph by Agsandrew, Shutterstock


8. Love is triumphing.

Photograph by Heather Liebensohn, My Shot, Design Within Reach, National Geographic


9. We are living longer and becoming more innovative.

Meet the fastest, most powerful science machine in the world: Titan supercomputer, Photograph courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory


10. No matter where we have come from, what is important is where we are going.  Past failure is an opportunity to more intelligently begin again.

Photograph curtesy of Human and Natural, Moais At Dawn, Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island, Chile


11. We are increasingly more conscious about nature and existence.

Photograph by Raja Ampat, Papua corals marine biodiversity, National Geographic


12. Transformation is not the future; it is the present.

Photograph by Bullit Marquez, AP, "Smiley" Eclipse, National Geographic

Post by Ashley Johnson

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